DIY - Nähkit Geschenkverpackung - Goodgive
DIY - Nähkit Geschenkverpackung - Goodgive
DIY - Nähkit Geschenkverpackung - Goodgive

DIY Gift wrapping

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Gift box in size M to sew yourself.

DIY package contains:

- Pattern for dowlnoad (by e-mail after ordering)
- Fabric & Loop by mail

Filling dimensions: L x W x H

20,0cm x 13cm x 9,5cm

Here, for example, fit well:
- the summer dress in winter
- two captivating paperbacks
- a beautiful vase from the interior design store around the corner

Selected materials

We are working under high pressure to find a material that can be obtained to the greatest possible extent from a waste product and is therefore particularly resource-friendly. At the moment, your Goodgive is made from organic fabrics with German manufacturing. The bows are already made from recycled PET bottles.


Reusable: You can either use your Goodgive over and over again yourself, or the recipient can also wrap their next gift in it. This will save you packaging waste and resources each time. It is washable and can be ironed if needed.

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