delivery conditions

How much are the delivery charges?

We charge 3€ delivery charges per order. From a value of goods of 50€ the delivery costs are omitted.

Where do we deliver to?

We only deliver within Germany.

How long is the delivery time?

We send our masks and gift wrappings in Maxi letters from the German Postal Service. These have the advantage that they reach the customer fastest. A larger delivery can therefore be divided into several Maxi letters. This way we can usually guarantee that a product will be with you within 2-4 days after ordering.

Product questions

Why do you use a bow tie instead of elastic bands?

We want our products to be as durable and reusable as possible. With elastic bands, there is a greater risk that they will die after a few hot washes and the mask can no longer be used. Therefore we have deliberately chosen a bow weave made of cotton.

Why do the masks have different band colours?

It was very important to us that we can process all orders promptly. At the beginning of the compulsory masks, we received many orders. We would have had to wait two weeks for new tapes in the colour "nature". Therefore we decided to use white and black bands alternatively. We are optically very happy with the result and hope you feel the same way.

There will be other colours ?

We have ordered new organic fabrics and will soon be able to offer you new masks in beautiful summer colours. Among them mint and rhubarb.

How do I best care for and clean the mask?

To answer this question we have written our own blog article You can find it here.

Where are the masks produced?

We work together with local tailors in Cologne for production. Our partners include Atelier Max, Schneiderei Andac, Atelier Chic and Schneiderei Toni. All tailors work with the greatest care and produce the masks by hand according to our pattern. So by buying our sustainable fabric masks, you are also supporting local tailors in Cologne.


How much money is donated to which organizations?

For every mask we sell in our online shop, we donate 1€ to a charitable organization. The money goes in equal parts to German Doctors, Plant 4 the Planet and Care 4 Cologne. You can find more about the organizations here.

You have another question?

If we couldn't answer your question, contact us we would be happy to. We will answer you directly and include your question in this FAQ.
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