Freundschaftsarmband "Gutes Geben" - Goodgive
Freundschaftsarmband "Gutes Geben" - Goodgive
Freundschaftsarmband "Gutes Geben" - Goodgive

Friendship bracelet "Good Giving"

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Our friendship bracelet will be with you within 2-5 business days.

Connect the same values

With this bracelet you can show not only your connection with another person, but also your connection with the environment. The bracelet is made of organic cotton and was manufactured in Germany.

Buy and do good

To get our mask production going, we had to buy a large amount of organic cotton ribbon. Now we were faced with the question of what we could do useful things with the remaining ribbon. That's when we came up with the idea of friendship bracelets.

With them we support Plant-for-the-Planet, an organization that plants trees to counteract global warming and trains children to become ambassadors for climate justice.

Product Details

   This bracelet is made of undyed organic cotton in Germany.

   It is approx. 35cm long (can be shortened if necessary).

   To knot

   It has a stamped heart (waterproof)

   It has a small print of the word: GOODGIVE

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