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This goodgive is our first produced size and we decided to go for an allrounder here. In here is for example space for two good paperbacks, tasty delicacies, your new favourite shirt or something to feel good from the interior Design Shop.

Dimensions: 22cm x 30cm x 12cm
Filling measures: Since it is a gift box made of fabric, it can adapt. Depending on whether it is a square gift or a round gift, or whether it is higher or wider, the packaging adapts itself. The bow is also slightly variable. If it is a larger gift, the bow will be a little smaller, with a smaller gift it will be a little larger. Dimensions that for example fit in well: Square: 18cm x 12cm x 7cm or 11cm x 11cm x 12cm or round: Ø14cm, height 11cm or Ø8cm, height 15cm.

Care: You can wash your Goodgive (best by hand) and iron it (best not too hot).

Little hint: If you use our tracking function, you will also find a profile there with information about the material and the production site of your Goodgive.

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