Away from the single-use product that you throw away because it is used up, towards a gift packaging that is now part of the gift and thus turns your gift into a double gift. It is always passed on and gains in value due to its longevity. How does it work? We have developed a reusable gift package made of organic fabrics. By giving each package its own name, you can track its journey, as well as the environmental impact and the social project it supports. Fun fact: when closing, a loop is created, making packaging super easy.


Reusable: You can either use your Goodgive again and again, or the recipient also packs his next gift in it. This saves packaging waste and resources every time. It is washable and can be ironed if necessary.

Local & social

Goodgives are sewn at various production sites in Germany under fair conditions. Among other things, in workshops specially designed for people with disabilities. Thanks to production in Germany, delivery routes remain short and processes are transparent.

Selected materials

We are working under high pressure on a material that can be obtained as much as possible from a waste product and is therefore particularly resource-saving. At the moment your Goodgive is made from biological materials with German production.

Follow your goodgive

We want to save packaging waste with our Goodgives. Therefore, we encourage you to send the Goodgive on a journey and always pack new gifts in it. Each goodgive has a unique name and code that you can use to track your goodgive's journey. Check here where your goodgive is and how much garbage you have saved.

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