We introduce our local tailors

All our sustainable fabric masks are handmade by Cologne tailors. This enables us to ensure not only the use of ecological fabrics but also a high quality of workmanship. In this article we would like to introduce you to our mask heroes.

By the end of March we have decided to produce sustainable face masks in addition to reusable gift packaging. Originally the idea was to produce these masks in workshops for people with disabilities as well. Unfortunately, these were also closed in the wake of the Corona crisis and so we quickly needed a good solution. And here the Cologne tailors became our "mask heroes". Within a very short time we found five tailors who wanted to work with us on the sustainable fabric masks. And it was really a win-win situation. Because just at the beginning of the contact restrictions, the order situation there had also collapsed, so that our partnership came at just the right time. In the meantime, we are proud and happy to work with such great craftsmen. And because of the short distances we can deliver almost exclusively by bicycle, so that we also save CO2.

Now we would like to introduce our tailors to you. Since we can recommend all the studios throughout, we have decided on an alphabetical order.

1. tailor shop Andac - Keplerstraße 3, Ehrenfeld

The small alteration tailor shop Andac is located in the heart of Ehrenfeld. Its owner, NAME, handles the orders himself and has rightly acquired an excellent reputation in the Veedel. The Turkish-Cologne friendliness is lived out here especially by Mrs. NAME, with whom you can always have a nice conversation over a drink.

2. Chic Änderungsschneiderei, Venloer Straße 503, Ehrenfeld

Even in Ehrenfeld on Venloerstraße lies the tailor shop Chic. Its young owner, Achmed Hamadani, has built a beautiful workshop in which up to four employees can work. From the cutting machine to the "band ironer", everything here is super professionally set up. Accordingly, he was able to deliver larger quantities quickly and professionally. Thank you Achmed!

3. Change tailoring Hanna Kebapcioglu, Dürener Straße 126, Sülz

A true master of his trade and an instance in Sülz is change tailor Hanna. For many years he has been greeting his customers personally and always as a true gentleman in his studio. He not only delivers excellent quality but also many stories from his many years of activity. We are very happy that we could be a short part of it!

4. Atelier Max, Thieboldsgasse 139, downtown

Directly on Neumarkt is the beautiful Atelier Max. It is not for nothing that we keep asking the owner Vehat Berisha whether we may shoot or take pictures at his place. But we always like to come, because you can have a wonderful conversation with Vehat and his staff. Top quality is also a matter of course here. Atelier Max was our first partner and was the first to enable us to start mask production. Thank you for the good and uncomplicated cooperation!

5. Toni Änderungsschneiderei, Gladbacher Straße 7, Neustadt-Nord

Another instance in Cologne is the Toni change tailor, named after its senior boss. In the meantime, son Munir runs the shop and continues the tradition with a lot of warmth. We are always impressed by the friendliness and the speed of the father-son duo. Thanks for the care and good quality of our joint production.

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