We launch our first crowdfunding campaign

Franz Beckenbauer once coined the legendary question in a commercial: "Yes, is it Christmas already?" For us at Goodgive, the preparation for the Christmas business already begins in September and with it the hot phase of the year.

This year, we would like to send as many reusable gift packages as possible on their journey with our Goodgives. We want to lay the groundwork for this now. First and foremost, this means ramping up production. In doing so, we have to make advance financial contributions. In order to produce even more sustainable gift packaging than we could manage ourselves, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign in September and hope for as much support as possible.

Conventional wrapping paper harms the environment and causes a lot of waste. According to an article in Der Spiegel, 50 liters of water and 5 kilowatt hours of energy are used to produce 1kg of wrapping paper. In addition, numerous transport routes are necessary, which pollute the environment with their emissions. First, the resources must be brought to the appropriate production facility and processed there. Then the disposable gift packaging must be packaged and shipped, after which it is usually offered for sale in retail stores. Finally, it is used once for packaging and finally disposed of. For disposable products like traditional wrapping paper, this process is triggered over and over again and each step is gone through anew. And all that for the garbage can. We want to put an end to this madness with our reusable fabric gift wrap.

Our fabrics are made from 100% organic cotton. For the production of organic cotton, unlike conventional cotton, no pesticides or fertilizers are used and 91% less water is used. Our fabrics are made in Germany, because we try to keep all transport routes as short as possible. This is also true for our put up bows made from recycled PET bottles. But the biggest ecological added value of our goodgives is their reusability. Our packaging is made to be given on and on and to stylishly present many new gifts. In doing so, we want to create the greatest possible transparency, which is why we invented the tracking function. Each sustainable gift box has its own name, which can be used to anonymously track its journey and see how much waste has already been saved by the Goodgive.

We sew our sustainable packaging in Germany in workshops for people with disabilities. It is important to us to support social work with our products. We are really enthusiastic about the quality, openness and friendliness of our partner workshops. Through the crowdfunding campaign, we would like to commission more workshops and send as many goodgives as possible on their never-ending journey this Christmas.

So with our Goodgives we have created a sustainable alternative for gift wrapping and would like to replace as much disposable packaging as possible for this year's Christmas. In order for us to achieve this, we need support and for this purpose we have started a Crowdfunding-Campaign.

Our goal is to collect €25,000 in the month of September to be used to commission our production workshops and save 1 ton of gift waste (~50,000 liters of water) before the end of the year.

We appreciate any support in our goal to eliminate disposable gift packaging. In our Startnext-Campaign you will find numerous creative thank-you gifts that supporters can purchase. Of course, there are different versions of our reusable gift boxes, but also other items around a sustainable life. We would like to thank everyone for their support and look forward to an exciting pre-Christmas season with you!

Here you can go directly to our crowdfunding campaign.


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