We donate one mask to Africa for every mask sold online

With the decision to produce fabric masks in addition to sustainable gift packaging, we also wanted to help prevent the corona virus from spreading in Germany. At the beginning of June, it can be said that our country was very successful in combating Covid19 through various measures. Wearing community masks has proved to be a particularly effective measure in various situations such as grocery shopping. Unfortunately, for many people in other parts of the world it is much more difficult to equip themselves with good masks. Therefore we have decided to donate a part of our masks according to the 1+1 principle. This means that we donate an additional mask for every mask we sell online.

While the virus spread early in Germany due to strong international links and the number of infections is now declining, the pandemic is only starting to spread in other countries. In Africa in particular, the virus could hit particularly hard in the often densely populated areas. One such area is Kibera, a slum in the southwest of the Kenyan capital Nairobi. Here, an estimated 700,000 people live in an area of only 2.5 square kilometres, often in great poverty. Due to the economic consequences of the virus, the situation for families has often worsened dramatically, so that there is simply a lack of funds for personal health protection. Here we would like to make at least a small contribution so that the inhabitants of Kibera can better protect themselves and others. But especially in these times it is very difficult to transfer a donation to such a distant region.

Our donation request were heard at the recently founded association "Aviation stands together" (AST). AST is an initiative in which employees from the aviation industry volunteer their time for social purposes. We were put in touch with "Amani Kibera" through its chairwoman Sylvia Speichinger. Amani Kibera is a non-profit, non-governmental, youth-led organisation dedicated to imparting knowledge to particularly disadvantaged people in Kibera, especially women and children. We are now in contact with its founder Ben Ooko, whose aim is to provide all 100,000 children in Kibera with face masks. To get closer to this goal, we will donate one mask for every sustainable mask sold olnine. The logistics will be arranged by our friends at AST, so that the masks will arrive at Ben in Kibera. We will send the first 500 masks on their way immediately.

At Goodgive, we believe that companies and products should make the world a better place. We believe that with the 1+1 donation we can make a real contribution here. A donation can help the people of Kibera even more directly. On the homepage of Amani Kibera you can donate directly to the organization. If you prefer to donate in Germany, there is also a possibility to do so. The organization "Kirche in Aktion" supports Amani Kibera and offers here also a donation possibility.

The more we read into the topic, the more we realize how threatening the situation in Kibera and other parts of the world is. Amani Kibera is doing fantastic work to fight for a better world on the ground. We would like to thank Ben Ooko for his commitment and AST for bringing Amani Kibera to our attention and supporting us in the implementation of the donation. And we hope that together with you we can donate as many masks as possible.

Stay healthy

Yours, Sara

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