We have organic cotton tape left


We have used organic cotton bands for our masks. It wasn't easy to get the right materials because there was a great demand for ribbons at that time. We also wanted to remain true to our principles of sustainability. So we had our own ribbon made. Here in Germany and from organic cotton. The minimum order quantity was quite large!

That's why we now have a few thousand meters of sustainable cotton tape left. What do we do with it? We have some ideas.

One idea is, for example, the organic cotton ribbon as a name band at weddings. With it you can mark especially nice glasses. Even though festive occasions are now allowed with some guests, we all care about health and nobody wants to mix up the glasses :)

In addition, the whole thing looks festive-decorative and the bright ribbon can be worn later as a souvenir, e.g. as a bracelet.

There are certainly more possibilities to use our organic cotton ribbon for reusable decoration purposes at weddings or other parties. Also for bachelorette farewells it offers a nice possibility for individualization or marking. We are open for all ideas, contact us with pleasure!

It can also be used as a lanyard or lenyard. Here no plastic is used and our lanyard is made in Germany. So a local ribbon, for the local purpose.

We are looking forward to further ideas - please contact us! But what we do first of all: We give our ribbon away for 1€ / meter. So now available in our store: sustainable cotton ribbon in natural color. The tape is hemmed at the edge and therefore a safe edge that does not dissolve.

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