How to clean the sustainable fabric masks?

Nachhaltige Masken Pflegehinweise

One wears a mouth-nose-mask mainly for his fellow men. To ensure that the hygiene of our sustainable face masks is not compromised, it is very important to use them correctly and wash them regularly.

In this article we would like to introduce you to the best way to clean your Goodkarma fabric mask. We have combined our own experiences with tips and tricks from the net.

It was especially important to us that our sustainable face masks are reusable even after many cleanings. That is why we deliberately decided against elastic bands and in favour of a loop weave. The loop binding also has the advantage that the mask still sits comfortably on the head even after hours. Rubber bands, on the other hand, rub behind the ears after some time.

There are various ways of rendering pathogens that may be present on the fabric mask harmless. According to Prof. Dr. med. Sebastian Lemmen, infectiologist at the University Hospital Aachen, 30°C in the washing machine in combination with detergent can already be sufficient to render corona viruses harmless. It is obligatory to use a sufficient amount of detergent to destroy the virus shell. It is also important not to choose a short washing program to ensure a sufficient exposure time.

The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) recommends washing masks after a single use ideally at 95°C, but at least at 60°C, and then drying them completely.

These temperatures offer a higher cleaning effect, especially with regard to pathogens other than the corona virus. We would like to point out, however, that fabric and tapes can easily shrink. We have taken this into account in the mask design and have deliberately chosen the bands to be somewhat longer.

In addition to the classic cleaning in the washing machine, a bath in boiling water lasting several minutes or hot ironing can also help to reduce the viral load on the masks. Please make sure that all parts of the mask, including the edges, come into contact with the hot iron long enough. For all solutions, our fabric masks should dry completely before they are put on again.

While wearing, the mask should always cover mouth and nose. It should also not be plucked to avoid contamination through the hands. At the latest when the mask is soaked, it should be washed. In order to always have a mask at hand, it is therefore advisable to have at least two sustainable masks per person.

In addition to wearing a mask, it is and remains particularly important to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap, especially before and after wearing the sustainable masks. When putting on the mask, care must be taken not to contaminate the inside by unwashed hands.

Wearing a mask is no reason to disregard other rules. In any case, the distance rules should continue to be observed.

With these tips you are on the safe side when wearing the masks. With this in mind, we wish you a lot of fun with our sustainable face masks and above all: Stay healthy!

We would like to point out again here that our community masks are not medical devices or personal protective equipment.

For cleaning the mask, please refer to the Recommendations of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices.

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