Why are we called Goodgive and not Goodgift?

And in the beginning there was the garbage. The huge mountains of packaging waste at family celebrations, especially Christmas, were the trigger for the development of sustainable gift packaging made of fabric. The idea was clear and the product was gradually developed. But one thing was still missing to found the startup: the name!

The central idea behind the product was clearly reusability. This should also be reflected in the name. Every person who reads the name should immediately realize what is behind the brand: something all-around good. Our founder Sara was also sure that reusable gift packaging should one day conquer the whole world. For this reason, it should be a name in English, which is easy to understand everywhere on the globe. However, since the origin is in Germany, it was equally important that the name is easy to understand and pronounce, especially in Germany.

The first step was to find different words that convey the feeling of Goodgive. On the one hand we had to find words in German, on the other hand the English equivalent. You can see the brainstorming for the name and the many possibilities below. Some ideas and spellings made it to the next round: Good Gift, Goodgift, Rewrap, Bestgift, Good Give, Good-Give, Superpack, etc. and of course Goodgive. But what do others understand by these terms? To avoid misunderstandings or negative associations, Sara asked those around her what they thought of the terms and would associate with them. This narrowed down the circle of possible names and favorites emerged.

Still occasionally the question comes up why it did not become Goodgift or Good Gift or goodgift.de. Give means to give or to give as a gift. With a Goodgive something, beyond the actual gift to a person, should be given. A Goodgive is a gift to the environment and with its social production also gives something back to society. In connection with the word Good, the effect is strengthened and expresses exactly what Goodgive is: Good giving. Good for the recipient, good for your own conscience, good for the people involved in the production and good for the environment! Plus, every time you buy from us, a Goodgive donates one euro to a non-profit organization.

 Thank you for being part of Goodgive ❤️

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