Upcycling sustainable gift ideas

Turn old into new. Our world today is characterized by short-livedness. Things end up in the garbage can, even though they still serve their purpose, simply because they are no longer as beautiful or modern. This behavior is of course to the detriment of our environment. But probably everyone knows it: the sweater that is no longer so beautiful, but not yet worn out enough to dispose of it, is simply no longer worn so gladly.

What's the alternative to throwing it away? Reusing is always more sustainable than buying something new. This way, no new resources have to be consumed. Upcycling is the keyword here: from old things, which may already have their best time behind them, can be wonderfully conjured up something new sustainable, which also brings joy to others. Sustainable gifts made quite simply by yourself.

Old ceramics quite individual

nachhaltige Geschenke

Old ceramic cups, bowls or plates are great, but can lose their shine over time if they've survived a few moves and countless mornings of strong coffee. Exactly from them can be conjured up a super sustainable Christmas gift. In any well-stocked craft store, there are sustainable ceramic paints as a pen or in a pot to work with a brush. With this you can give the old ceramics a new shine and customize them. You can bake the paint in a conventional oven so that it will survive the next rinse cycle undamaged. What sounds like child's play at first can become beautiful. If you can't think of any motifs, you can also leave lovely messages that will put a smile on your loved ones' faces when they use them. Let your inner art genius or Goethe out and surprise them at Christmas with a sustainable gift of your own design!

Light from candle remnants

nachhaltige Geschenke

Candles are especially popular at this time of year, when it gets dark earlier and we like to wrap ourselves in a cozy blanket to candlelight. But at some point the wick has reached its end, from the wax, however, is still quite a lot left. What to do with the leftovers? If you already have some leftovers together, you can use them to make a new, individual and, above all, sustainable candle that will already be used this Christmas. All you need is a new wick. You can combine wax from different old candles in a water bath to make a color creation or melt the different waxes one after the other and layer them in a new container. Old yogurt containers are ideal for this purpose. So you can also give them a second purpose. Once the wax is completely dry, you can use a toothpick to carve patterns into the wax and decorate the candle. A sustainable upcycling gift very simple.

Warmth in the cold season

nachhaltige Geschenke

But what about the old sweater that we wear only reluctantly? He, too, can experience a new sense. Homemade pocket warmers are not only practical. From old fabric remnants they are also still 1a sustainable Christmas gift. By hand or machine, depending on your dexterity, you can stick with a simple rectangle or try your hand at other shapes like a heart. Just cut the shape you want twice from old fabric, layer it and sew it together. You should leave an opening about a finger's width wide. Over this you can turn the fabric so that the Nat disappears inside and fill in rice or spelt. Then you just have to sew the opening closed by hand and your new sustainable gift from old fabric scraps is ready. Especially at Christmas a really great!

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