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Outside it is getting colder again and darker earlier. That means the most beautiful season for us is just around the corner. This year, Christmas should become greener with our reusable gift packaging. But not only the packaging should be sustainable, but also the content. Here you can find some gift ideas and alternatives.

Sustainable Goodgive Size S Gift Ideas

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Reusable to go cups

We all love the feeling of holding onto a warm cup in the morning while the world around us is gray and cold. At first glance, to-go sounds like a disposable product that carelessly ends up in the nearest garbage can without waste separation. But that doesn't have to be the case, meanwhile there are many great alternatives that are easy to clean and made from sustainable materials. The reusable cups from pandoo meet these criteria and are available in beautiful pastel colors.

Sustainable jewelry

Winter means deceleration. Everything around us moves a little slower, especially ourselves. Nevertheless, we should not lose sight of the time. In this regard, stylish watches are the tool of our choice. They are a classic gift item that is also available in sustainable. Kerbholz offers you such an alternative - an eye-catcher with a good conscience.

Sustainable Goodgive Size M Gift Ideas

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Natural cosmetics

Body care should also not be neglected in winter. With articles around the body you can show your loved ones that you care about their well-being. But unfortunately, conventional drugstore products often contain microplastics, which end up in our bodies or in the water. The industry has also recognized this. There is now a good selection of organic natural cosmetics. If you want to know exactly what the ingredients are, you can give away DIY organic cosmetics from Verpackmeinnicht.

Sustainable decoration

Hygge is the trend of recent years. Especially this year, when we are encouraged to stay at home, it is more relevant than ever. We want to feel comfortable and decorate our home chic. With a beautiful decorative item you will surely make many a huge joy. Atisan offers quality products that are handmade from natural materials. So you create a highlight in the apartment of the recipient.

Sustainable Goodgive Size L Gift Ideas

nachhaltige Geschenke

Vegan cuddle blanket

Time on the sofa with a good movie is not over even after Christmas. The gray weather still accompanies us into the coming year, so a cozy blanket is just the thing for Christmas. Since this year you can also give them away from Kushel. The blankets are made of renewable wood fibers and organic cotton, feel good on the skin and pudelwohl in a Goodgive.

Climate neutral bed linen

It's not far from the couch to the bed. But sustainability should not end here. You can always use bed linen, and if it is climate neutral, you'll sleep twice as well. With bed linen from erlich, you can help the person you are giving the gift to have sweet dreams with a good conscience. With it, hibernation is guaranteed to succeed.

What do you think of our tips for sustainable Christmas gifts? 

We are always happy about your opinion, the exchange and especially about new ideas for sustainable gifts!

Pre-Christmas greetings from your Goodgive Team

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