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This month we also have an advent calendar. Every day we open a door for you and behind it you will find ideas, tips and information for a more sustainable everyday life and sustainable gifts, especially at Christmas time. The first week of December already brings a little foretaste of the upcoming festivities and gift shopping: St. Nicholas Day.

So where does our St. Nicholas custom actually come from?

 As a reminder of the story of St. Nicholas of Myra, children place their cleaned boot in front of their front door on the evening before December 6, hoping that St. Nicholas will also leave them a small gift. High time, therefore, to fill the Santa Claus boot, the sock or the stocking and to give a little joy to his loved ones. There are many opportunities here to do something good with the right purchasing decisions for sustainable gifts and to consciously choose positive consumption.

The right choice for a chocolate Santa made of organic chocolate and environmentally conscious packaging is not a big deal for each and every one of us, but if every German buys a Santa Claus, that's 83 million Santas alone that are given away and can do some good. GEPA, for example, offers a selection of eco-Nikolaus made of organic chocolate, fairly traded and in environmentally friendly packaging. These can reduce the footprint of Santa Claus gifts.

What else comes in the Santa Claus surprises? We have picked out a few special treats for you, all of which have a positive impact and are therefore very nice sustainable gift ideas.



 only offers products that actively make the world a better place. We have found a very special spice that will set the mood towards Christmas: 

Sustainable Speculoos Spice



. Here, not only are all the ingredients organic, but 50% of the profits are used for reforestation projects. An innovative gift idea that for the taste buds!

At Zotter you will find fun chocolate varieties in 100% organic + fair for 

Nikolaus, in Austria also affectionately called Nikolo😊 Here you will also find many other unusual varieties for individual gift-giving occasions! Whether birthday gift, Christmas gift, wedding gift, Abi gift, christening gifts for parents, a gift for passing exams, Advent gift, St. Nicholas gift, gift for name day, Mother's Day gifts or Father's Day gifts, gifts for the anniversary, a gift for the wedding anniversary, baby shower gifts, Valentine's Day gifts, gifts for the bachelor party or simply an individual gift for in between - there are really incredibly many varieties!

Have you ever tried the vegan chocolate from Nu Cacao? We find the alternative to conventional chocolate very tasty and they contain much less sugar than we are used to. The wonderful thing is that every purchase here also does good, from sustainable packaging, to organic ingredients and a tree donation per product. Consuming while making the world a better place - truly the new today!

This has also packed Die Gute Schokolade directly into its name, and quite rightly so. The chocolate was developed by the children behind Plant-For-The-Planet and combines only positive components, from fair trade, climate-neutral production and organic ingredients to planting trees. To date, more than 4 million trees have been planted through the sale of this sustainable product.

We've discovered so many great chocolates, and we'd love for you to reach for one of these eco-conscious brands the next time you make a pre-Christmas chocolate purchase. Take a look and give us feedback if we were able to inspire you to make eco-conscious gift purchases: 

 Vivani brings the good taste to asugefallen chocolate varieties that are especially climate-friendly due to their vvegan nature.

Peru Puro wows with its reforestation record that restores entire ecosystems and gold award-winning chocolate. See the impact of this German startup for yourself.

Dokeshi has very special chocolate, from direct and fair trade.

Veganz for us already almost a classic for sustainable, vegan consumption. Always again herrvoragend!

Our other favorites in terms of carbon footprint, sustainable good taste and do-gooder potential are: My choco, Racoon, Fairafric, Original Beans or Tonys.

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