Goodgive goes climate-neutral

Goodgive goes climate positive!

We at Goodgive have set ourselves a big goal for the end of the year: we want to become climate positive! But what does that actually mean?

Climate neutrality, climate positivity, offsetting - the discussions around paths to sustainability are more topical than ever. Climate neutral refers to processes that do not cause any greenhouse gas emissions or whose emissions are fully compensated. This means that there is a balance between the absorption of carbon from the atmosphere and emissions, because at least as many emissions are eliminated as are produced.

And this is exactly what we want to achieve at Goodgive. We are committed to being as green and low-emitting as possible, but emissions cannot be avoided in our business operations. That's why we have set ourselves the goal of calculating our footprint by the end of the year: how many emissions do we cause through materials, production, shipping and all other business processes?

This is exactly the challenge our employee Leonie is now taking on as part of her master's thesis. In her International Management studies at the Católica School of Business and Economics in Lisbon, she focused primarily on the topic of social entrepreneurship. Since this summer, she is part of the Goodgive team and is now working extensively on the topic of impact measurement, i.e. the assessment of the consequences of our business on the environment and the targeted climate neutrality.

We are still at the very beginning of this calculation, but for us it is clear: we would like to not only offset our calculated emissions by the end of the year, but even overcompensate. This means that we want Goodgive to have not only a neutral, but even a positive impact on the climate and our environment - Goodgive goes climate positive!

Stay tuned, because in the coming weeks we will introduce you to our method of calculating the footprint and offsetting it through exciting compensation projects here.

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