One week crowdfunding for a sustainable Christmas

The first week of our crowdfunding campaign for sustainable gift packaging on Startnext is now over. An exciting time, not only we think, also the press has become aware of our reusable gift packaging. Besides the already published article in the Express, the shooting for a TV report about our social startup took place this week. During two days of filming, we were able to give a little insight into our company, our campaign and our approach to avoid waste during the Christmas season.

The first day of filming focused entirely on our founders Sara and Alex and the young history of the company. An important point is the question "How did Goodgives come into being?". The trigger for the development of sustainable gift packaging made of fabric were the large mountains of packaging waste at family celebrations. Central to the idea is the reusability of the Goodgives as opposed to traditional gift wrapping. This already highlights a fundamental value of the company's philosophy: sustainability. Sara's idea was born. You can do a lot on your own, but you can do more with support. Since this year, our co-founder Alex has also joined us. Both share the same values and want to ensure an all-round green Christmas in the future. Was it a coincidence that they met at a Christmas market? We don't think so!

With sustainability, social production forms the core of our business. To give the viewer an insight, the second day of filming therefore took place in one of our partner workshops for people with disabilities. Together with the camera team, we were able to follow a production process from cutting the fabric to sewing a goodgive. The employees themselves also had their say and were able to report on their work. Seeing the enthusiasm and commitment with which they work on our reusable gift wrappings made of fabric has encouraged us to continue to commission social workshops for people with disabilities for our production.

Thanks to your support, we have already cracked the 2000€ mark with the crowdfunding campaign. Our goal is €25,000 to hire additional workshops by the end of the year, develop new product variants for sustainable packaging & save over a ton of waste this year. One of our thank you gifts that you can purchase here is 10 filled Goodgives that we are giving away to our employees in the workshops. It would be a matter of the heart for us to be able to implement this. In addition, many other nice thank-you gifts are waiting for you in our campaign. Please have a look!

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