The gift box that makes no waste

Geschenkverpackung nachhaltig Schenken Zerowaste Verpackung

The packaging that makes no waste.

At Christmas time, the amount of waste in Germany increases by about 10-20%. Wrapped up in the beautiful feeling of Christmas spirit and togetherness, however, the focus is not on this negative aspect.

If one makes a short extrapolation, one recognizes fast which extents it assumes and like importantly evenly nevertheless each and each individual of us is thereby.

If you imagine that a single person in Germany uses 100 grams of wrapping paper (which is probably four times as much at Christmas alone), then that already makes 8,300 tons of waste.

In the case of gift wrap or lacquered wrapping paper, the glitter particles, certain dyes or aluminum coatings cannot be recycled.

But there is another way! We have developed a reusable gift packaging to save waste and let the packaging become part of the gift. At Goodgive, the joy of gift giving, appreciation towards all and sustainable packaging is very important to us. That's why our products are made from sustainable materials, we manufacture in Germany, and we make your gifts double with our gift wrap. Because you can either use our reusable gift wrap yourself over and over again to wrap your sustainable Christmas gifts, or you make your loved ones a double gift: content to keep, gift wrap to reuse. So the wrapping can be used over and over again to wrap gifts in. It can travel and tell stories, and you can track that online via its individual name.

Our idea is that at some point there will be at least one reusable gift box in every household, which will then be used to wrap the next gift. So that no new purchase has to be made for it, as gift wrapping has become a long-lasting product. We look forward to you becoming part of the gift revolution 😊

Feel free to tell us how we can make our packaging even more sustainable and design, we are always open and happy to receive suggestions!

Your Goodgive Team

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