How are our masks created?

Biologische Stoffe Lokale Schneider Nachhaltige Masken

How is it that we now produce sustainable face masks in addition to sustainable gift packaging?

The current crisis is hitting us all hard. We have to limit our social contacts and spend less time with friends and families. Traditional festivals such as Easter must be celebrated digitally and birthdays are also celebrated at a distance. We are also noticing this very directly, because in these times there are also less gifts given away. But this is not the only reason why we decided to temporarily switch our production to sustainable face masks. More and more experts are advising people to wear masks in public. And not to protect themselves from infection, but to reduce the risk to others. Wearing a face mask is therefore an act of appreciation and therefore fits very well with Goodgive. For this reason, we have given the masks the name "Good Karma".

We knew that we would remain true to our principle in the production of masks. We want to produce them in a social and fair way and only sustainable fabrics should find their way into our face masks. At the same time the masks should be stylish and reusable. For this reason, we have decided against rubbers, for example, and in favour of bows made of ecological material. In addition to organic materials from Germany, we also use residual materials, which we can save from disposal and thus also save resources. Just like our biological materials, these materials come from local production in NRW. We have chosen the fit in such a way that the mask does not need any wire and still fits tightly enough to be effective. As a result, the mask is easy to wash and can be reused.

Leider are also our production partners, with whom we produce the sustainable gift packaging, hit by the current crisis. Many social workshops have had to close or are now producing only for their own needs. But also here we want to remain true to our principles and produce socially as well as locally. So we came up with the idea of working with tailors from the region. After the first telephone calls it was clear: this industry is also strongly affected by the crisis. Many studios had to close and are struggling with a difficult order situation. So we were quickly able to find local partners in Cologne who were happy to receive an order. Together we found fair prices at which our sustainable face masks can be produced. Due to the local, almost family-owned production we can guarantee a high quality of the handmade products

To avoid long delivery routes for our locally produced masks, we want to sell them mainly locally in Cologne. For this purpose, we are currently entering into partnerships with the typical kiosk in the Veedel, cafés that currently sell their products "to go" and some pharmacies in the city. We hope that we will make a small contribution with our all around sustainable designed face masks, so that the virus does not spread anymore or slower. Should you have any feedback, suggestions or questions about the product, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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